When Monsignor Murphy was attending the Second Vatican Council in Rome in 1962, he took advantage of the occasion and pursued the idea of founding a Diocesan Congregation of Botswana Sisters.

Thus, his plans were now taking shape. With proper consultations and plans in place, on the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross, 28th April 1965, the Congregation was formally erected under the name of, “Handmaids of The Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Monsignor was full of enthusiasm and often spoke of how the Sisters would evangelise their people.

With the congregation approved, Mong. Murphy then requested the Cross and Passion Sisters to give two suitable Sisters for formation of the new sisters. He asked in particular for Sr Olcan Watt to be the novice mistress. Many sisters were surprised about this choice.

Sr Liam at the time was working in the clinic in Ramotswa, while Sr Olcan was teaching in Lobatse. Sr Olcan was under age to be a novice mistress so special dispensation was sought from the Holy See. The dispensation was granted and the two Sisters received their appointment letters from Mong. Murphy on November 18th 1965.

Mong. Murphy had the wholehearted support and encouragement from the Superior General of the Cross and Passion Sisters. Mother Consolata, with her counsellors, agreed to give two sisters to undertake the formation of the young girls who offered themselves for Religious Life. Finally, Sri Liam Alford C.P was appointed Superior General of the convent and Olcan watt C.P appointed novice mistress.